Charge Attack
RO ChargeAttack
Usable by
Job Class Knight, Lord Knight
Type Offensive
Category Ranged (14 cells)
Levels 1
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Quest

Charge Attack is a quest skill that causes you to rush the targeted monster/player, dealing more damage depending on how far away you are from it. The farther the target, the longer the cast time.


  • Safety Wall does not block it since it is a ranged attack
  • Interruptible cast time. The enemy can walk away from range, hide behind an obstacle, or use the Hide skill.
  • Enemies can reduce the damage by simply moving closer to you
  • When you hit the enemy, they will be knocked back in a random direction.
  • During WoE, your body will not “charge” or move when you use this skill. It becomes another ranged physical attack.
  • If charge attack misses (like there is a Pneuma), your body will still relocate.
  • Charge attack can get you “out” of any trap, spider web of Scholars, or the skill Close Confine of Rogues/Stalkers (provided another enemy is nearby to charge).

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