Throwing Blades are special sub-weapons that are required to use certain skills. Similarly to ammunition, Throwing Blades cannot be carded and must be equipped in order to be used. To equip a throwing blade item, drag the item stack to a hotkey bar and then press the hotkey containing the item. To unequip throwing blades, open the character window and double-click on the throwing blades.

There are 3 categories of throwing blades:

  • Knives - Small blades that can inflict poison or any other abnormal status upon enemies.
  • Shurikens - Practical throwing weapons that are usually endowed with various bonuses.
  • Kunais - Imbued with different elemental properties and can be used to exploit an enemy's elemental property weakness.[1]

Throwing Blades are typically utilized by Assassin and Ninja classes.


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