Instances, or memorial dungeons, are special dungeons in which a party of adventurers can go through their own version of the dungeon without being bothered by players outside of the party. Some Ragnarok Online dungeons and most Ragnarok Online II dungeons are instanced.

Some instances have a cooldown between runs like raid dungeons. Others can be repeated as many times as desired. In RO, an instance cannot be created up to 6 hours prior to WoE and until the end of WoE.


  • Patch (2017 Jul. 05)
    • Some contents related to the memorial dungeons will be modified.
      • Memorial dungeon will be changed to enable reentry into dungeon when reconnecting after finishing log-in or termination.
      • Memorial dungeon can only be created when all party members are connected during memorial creation.
      • Players are prohibited from joining or leaving the party which the memorial was created for.
      • If the memorial dungeon is destroyed or disconnected and reentered, players will be moved to their Save Point.