Bruspetti's Diary
RO BruspettisDiary
The book's info window.
Type Miscellaneous
Effects Quest Item
Weight 0
Source Bruspetti Quest
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 0 Zeny

An effeminate diary with the word, "Bruspetti" written on the cover. Perhaps that is the name of its owner?

Book Contents

-Date: 00XX-
I'm so in love with him, but he always changes the subject whenever I ask him personal questions about his past. Could it be that he's hiding something from me?

Is it another woman? I can't help but feel jealous! I need to know. That's why I've decided to go to Lighthalzen and see what I can find out.

-Date: 00X0-
Dear Diary,

Today I just learned the horrible truth... I need to make him confess it to me. I hope we can still be together after all of this...

But I don't know if I can live with this! The man I love... It's unthinkable that he'd use a Knife t-to... I just want to throw up.

I'm planning to meet him tomorrow at Freyja's Spring. I can't help but look at him differently now, but still... He's the man I truly love.

I hope that I have good news next time I write in this diary... Well, here's to hoping.

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