Brandish Spear
RO BrandishSpear
Usable by
Job Class Knight, Lord Knight
Type Offensive
Category Melee
Levels 10
Cast Time 1 second (uninterruptible)
Cooldown 1 second (reducible)
Other Information
Requirements Spear Stab Lv. 3
Riding Lv. 1

Brandish Spear attacks an area of ememies around the caster. The area of effect increases in range at skill levels 4, 7, and 10. The attack has a minimum ATK bonus of 20% per skill level, but damage for each enemy increases the closer they are to the caster.


  • Requires the player to be wielding a Spear.
  • Requires the player to be mounted on a Peco Peco.
  • Requires a targeted enemy to determine direction, but the area of effect is based on the position of the player.
  • Knock-back does not occur during War of Emperium.
  • The player's weapon cannot be Stripped while casting. The player cannot change weapons during this time, but attempts by enemies to divest or break the weapon will fail (Full Strip can still succeed on other equipment).

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