Bomb Cluster
RO BombCluster
Usable by
Job Class Ranger
Type Offensive
Category Area of Effect
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Trap Research Lv.3

Bomb Cluster allows a maximum of 3 traps to be placed at once. The trap deals damage in an 7x7 area. The trap can be detonated via Detonator. Bomb Cluster cannot be removed by the Hunter and Rogue skill Remove Trap, and the Hunter skill Spring Trap. Placing a Bomb Cluster consumes 1 Special Alloy Trap.


  • Trap Duration lasts 4 times as long in WoE.
  • Traps occupy 1 cell.
  • Traps can only be placed up to 2 cells next to another Trap.
  • Traps can be activated by and will affect both allies and enemies in PVP and WoE.
  • Traps will not activate if the caster is under the effect of Manhole.
  • Traps cannot be activated by the Minstrel or Wanderer that charmed the caster with Voice of Siren.
    • Voice of Siren protects the Minstrel or Wanderer from traps of charmed trappers.
  • Traps can be removed by Ganbantein, Earth Drive and Crazy Vines.
  • Trap damage is considered Melee and will be blocked by Safety Wall.
  • Trap damage is reflected back to the caster by Shield Reflect and Valkyrian Manteau.
  • Damage traps gains "Killed by a melee attack" effects like Deleter (Ground) Card.
  • Damage traps gains "Each attack has chance of" effects like Vanberk Card.
  • Damage traps gains SP Drain/Gain effects like Moonlight Dagger or Zipper Bear Card.

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