• ZeroTigress

    Pokemon Go

    July 20, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Also known as:

    • Pokemon Get-Out-of-the-Frickin'-House
    • Pokemon Excuse-to-Walk-the-Dog
    • Pokemon I-Volunteer-to-Get-the-Mail
    • Pokemon Stalk-ALL-the-Pokestops

    I was unfortunate enough to not have my login not working on the day of the USA release of the game (July 6), so I wasn't able to get my password reset until July 10 (since the website was flooded with new registration requests). Why not use a Google account? Well, I'm still peeved at Google for banning my YouTube account because I uploaded anime music videos (AMVs) even though there were plenty of other YouTube users that got away with it. So yeah, screw Google and their retarded Google accounts.

    Anyways, I've been making use of's Pokedex to keep track of wha…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Trip to the Past

    July 7, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    For many, many years now (about 20ish or so), I've been searching for a particular movie of which I only remember a snippet where a Chinese guy in a big straw hat was shooting lightning out of his fingers. Google searches continually failed me for results have often turned up Mortal Kombat. (For goodness sakes, I'm pretty sure Raiden isn't the only lightning wielding dude out there!)

    Anyways, I was roaming around video sites and by complete accident I came across video clips of this movie. Lo and behold, it's the very movie that I've been looking for all these years! Not only that, but someone uploaded the whole movie. Since I wanted to refresh my memories of it, I figured "heck, why not? It's right here for me to watch."

    Let's just say, I do…

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  • MilkyThief

    Feels like just yesterday I wrote the 12th... and the 11th....

    Anyways.... Happy Birthday Gramps! 132 years young!

    Start of in the Criatura Academy (/navi iz_ac01 83/130) and we will find Gramps wanting to brew a potion based off his time spent as an Alchemist!

    Gramps wants to make money to leave something behind for his family! He asks us to get him some supplies.

    Gramps can be found on the first floor in the last room at the end of the hall.

    50 Empty Potion Bottles (Mail Annex)
    20 Empty Test Tubes (Mail Annex)
    1 Level 5 Fire Bolt Scroll (Marduks)
    5 Holy Waters (Priests)

    After supplies we need to go to Izulde Warf and walk near the sign.

    Test successful! Go back to Gramps. Gramps needs more supplies!

    25 Wing of Red Bats (Drainliar)
    25 Claw of Rat (C…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Read through an interesting article on and was rather surprised how very uninterested the Elder Scrolls Online community was to help test out the game. Whenever I play an MMORPG, there's always been a group of players that are eager to help test the game, whether it's pay-to-play or not. I mean, if you've already invested in the game to make your characters, wouldn't you also be invested in keeping those characters viable by helping test new content? I guess if a MMORPG's community is not invested enough in the game, then they wouldn't be invested in helping that game grow with or without bribery.

    On the one hand, if a MMORPG doesn't offer a test server, then players would expect the developers to test the game well. On the same …

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  • ZeroTigress

    In two weeks will be my last day working at Michaels, as well as the completion of the last class necessary for my 2D Multimedia Animation certificate program. Right on time for me to start the Disney College Program again at Disneyland. They've apparently decided to put me back into bussing again, despite me not even checking the Food & Beverage option on my application when I re-applied. Thanks for ignoring my role checklist, Disney. (Disney and GRAVITY would be best buds since they seem to do a lot of the same stuff.)

    Unlike my previous DCP term which lasted for a good 8 months, I'll only be doing this next DCP term for a mere 6 months. Hopefully another job prospect I'm looking into will be fruitful, otherwise I'll be going into Disney…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Helheim in WoW

    May 7, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    So one of the recent updates to World of Warcraft is the addition of a dungeon called Helheim, which is rather significant considering Ragnarok Online never got a Hel-themed dungeon. Yes, you could argue that the entirety of Niflheim is a dungeon, but c'mon, that would mean that it's Umbala's dungeon since the Tree of Umbala (a dungeon) is the only way to access it (outside of customizations like iRO's Bathory warp). And it used to be that towns in Rune-Midgarts had Wild Roses wandering through them, so I don't buy the "oh, it can't be a town because it has monsters in it." Niflheim has interactive NPCs and vendors, so it's a town; a town with two field maps and NO dungeon. I find it pitiful that WoW, which came out 2 years AFTER RO, is im…

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  • ZeroTigress

    My review of the official Ragnarok Online USB mug warmer, which is currently available from National Console Support, Inc. I recommend snatching a set if it appeals to you as this set hasn't been available since it was released around 2007. The price is pretty fair at $30.90 and it ships from New York, USA. I had mine shipped via the media mail option and it came in one piece.

    Well, mostly.

    Considering how this set hasn't been available for years, I kind of expected that this likely came from some random warehouse that just happened to have a bunch of these collecting dust. (It came in another box that had enough stuff to cushion it so the damage was likely done at wherever they stored it.) The box looks pretty old, like it's been sitting un…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Community Comparison

    April 27, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Been bouncing around between the WarpPortal forums and the official Tree of Savior forums as of late and there's a rather stark contrast between the starting community of Ragnarok Online II and the English Tree of Savior community. Yes, both had their share of salt due to the games being buggy, but I have to say the RO2 starting community wins out in terms of approach-ability than the TOS starting community. I find myself preferring to take part in the RO2 community much more than the TOS community.

    Before you say anything, the starting communities for both games ARE pretty comparable. Both games came out on Steam internationally and both games had high expectations to succeed RO. And both games have failed on succeeding RO in some way, whe…

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  • ZeroTigress


    April 24, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    I discovered a recently-released SEC report for GRAVITY and decided to point out some things that were of interest to me.

    "Revenues from our principal product, Ragnarok Online, accounted for 41.5% of our total revenues in 2015, compared with 40.1% of our total revenues in 2014."
    Well, look at what a bit of tender-loving care for RO can do for it. :U
    "Ragnarok Online has been on the market for fourteen years and has reached maturity in most of our principal markets. The life cycle of an online game generally lasts between four and seven years, and online games typically reach their peak popularity within the first two years following their introduction, after which time the game’s usage gradually stabilizes and begins to decline over time. The…
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  • ZeroTigress

    Mad Loot

    April 23, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Earlier this month, I made a Loot Crate account to buy the Star Wars crate for a relative. While perusing the site, I noticed that their current crate features Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Vikings, and Uncharted 4 merchandise. I figured, well, what were the chances I'll find stuff for Labyrinth of all things? And hey, I like me some Harry Potter, too. Never seen Vikings, but since I'm playing a MMORPG based on Norse mythology and culture, I can't go wrong with that. And I've played a little of Uncharted 2 so I'm whatever in regards to the merchandise I may get for that.

    Yesterday I finally received my crate and I'm pretty happy with it. Got neat merchandise for all 4 franchises plus the Loot Crate magazine and a little Loot Crate merchandise as…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Dead On Arrival

    March 18, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    About a month ago, I made this sordid post in the forums concerning the state of my bounty boards project:

    This will perhaps be the last update concerning this project (pending responsiveness from the people in charge).

    The down-low in regards to the Bounty Boards project:

    • Bounty Boards proposed in Feb. 2014
    • Beta test version implemented in May 2014
    • Initial version was deemed unsatisfactory, changed things around after receiving community feedback.
    • More boards were implemented until Jan. 2015, when I proposed the integration of community suggestions.
    • Project stalled due to hesitation on iRO's part.
    • iRO continues to stall the project due to pRO migration and Episode 14.3 implementations.
    • iRO continues to stall the project due to Rebel update.
    • iRO has…
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  • ZeroTigress

    Anyone who read the Ragnarok manhwa would have noticed that after some time Lee Myung-jin decided to give certain characters in the manhwa D&D-like stats. However, as noted by the editor:

    So although these stats do not explicitly follow D&D rulesets nor the Ragnarok Online level progression, it's still interesting to see how each character progressed with each volume of the manhwa.

    Name: Chaos
    Class: Rune Knight
    Level: 8
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    STR: 17
    DEX: 10
    INT: 12
    WIS: 14
    CHR: 16
    Equipment: Vision, Rune Armor Name: Iris Irine
    Class: Cleric
    Level: 4
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    STR: 7
    DEX: 12
    INT: 13
    WIS: 16
    CHR: 16
    Equipment: Cheongryongdo, Irine Family Armor
    Name: Fenris Fenrir
    Class: Warlock
    Level: 9
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    STR: 14
    DEX: 15
    INT: 16
    WIS: 12
    CHR: 14
    Equipment: Psychic Medallion, Laeva…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Black and Blue

    February 24, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    So Inkr is finally a thing now since it was announced in 2013 in the wake of Anipan and MangaBullet's shut down. For those who are curious about this, here's the low-down on the story between these sites:

    In 2008, a DA user name Eddz got together with a friend to create MangaBullet, a site that combines the comic-support of SmackJeeves with deviantART's art gallery feature. With the addition of an art trade feature and a commission feature, MangaBullet was well on its way to being a formidable competitor to art site giant deviantART.

    For 2 years, the site thrived and grew little by little. Around the time I joined in 2010, the site was starting to fall in activity and usage due to Eddz rarely—if ever—addressing the growing number of bugs, gl…

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  • MilkyThief

    FOOLISH MORTAL! You're in my bubble.

    Start in Aldebaran!

    All you need to do is walk near Deviling and ask him what is wrong.

    How to talk to Deviling : You need to walk near him and be in range to trigger his dialogue. One person at a time can trigger the dialogue at a time.

    After that, talk to the Delightful Angeling next and she tells us we need to find what other people do for Valentines day.

    Off we go to meet a couple in Al De Baran. Here we meet Boies Rjerks and Nukooties Foreme. Talk to them and then go back to Deviling .

    Here, we pick what Deviling will do/get with Angeling. You only need to do one to get the hat.

    Gather 50 Apples and 10 Candies.

    Gather 5 Burning Hearts and 10 Slick Paper.

    Gather 5 Illusion Flower 10 Love Flowers.

    After complet…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Capitalizing The End

    January 29, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Korea has already seen the shutdown of both Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum and Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising last year in 2015 with the North American version of Ash Vacuum biting the dust a few months after the developers' version. It seems Valkyrie Uprising (now known as either Path of Heroes or War of Gods) may be set to be tossed into oblivion as well.

    Korea Shutdown Notice of Ragnarök: Ash Vacuum

    Korea Shutdown Notice of Ragnarök: Valkyrie Uprising

    It's a little strange to be starting up all these Ragnarök mobile games only to shut them down 2-3 years later. Ragnarok Violet is still kickin', but only because that's a single-player game that doesn't require continuous maintenance and server hosting. However Ragnarok Scarlet is nowhere to be found, li…

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  • ZeroTigress

    RO2 Life Job Revamp

    January 10, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    I went to bed one night not able to sleep at all as my unstable brain conjured up numerous ideas about Ragnarok Online II's Life Jobs, so I've decided to sit down and write these all out into the open lest I go another night without peaceful sleep.

    I'm leaning more towards having the proposed new life jobs be additional life jobs instead of advancements of previous life jobs, as I feel it'll just make things more complicated since RO2 already has 1st Class and 2nd Class issues in regards to the battle jobs.

    Anyways, here is my proposed revamp of RO2's Life Jobs (craft professions). This revamp seeks to make each life job more specialized and interdependent on other life jobs to encourage player interaction. Ideally, this would also coincide …

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  • ZeroTigress

    After seeing how my sister's drawstring bag came out, I decided to get myself a bag of my own featuring the Assassin Cross's Guillotine Cross mark. Ordered it on December 8th and got it December 21; a whopping 13-day turnaround from production to arrival. Considering my sister got her bag much sooner, I'm going to chalk it up to winter holiday delays.

    Logo is printed right into the bag and the quality's just as good. Contrast to my previous RedBubble purchases, the sticker I got with my bag is designed by a user of the site. It seems some time ago, RedBubble reached out to artists that have been featured on the site to design special holiday-edition RedBubble stickers to be shipped with orders made in December instead of their usual RB stic…

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  • ZeroTigress

    On a whim, my younger sister wanted a drawstring bag of the blue Rune-Midgarts coat of arms vector graphic I rendered and uploaded on my RedBubble. So, as a Christmas gift to her, I ordered one on November 27 and just got it today on December 7th. A 10-day turnaround between production and shipping, which is rather peculiar considering my phone case and tote bag each had 5-day turnarounds. According to the UPS tracker, RedBubble had manufactured the bag 3 days after I placed the order. The issue seems to be with UPS themselves as, for some reason, it took them a whole week to ship the bag to me. I'm guessing holiday traffic?

    Anyways, the bag is here in one piece and that's what matters, right?

    As with the tote bag I ordered previously, the l…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Ragnarök Lore

    November 16, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    My biggest inspiration in reconstructing the Ragnarök Wiki into a more generalized franchise wiki with more emphasis on lore is from Warcraft. The Warcraft franchise has such rich lore that I couldn't help but get lost reading through the various articles about its characters, cities, dungeons, etc. I wanted the same feeling with the Ragnarök compilation so I dug deep into RO and RO2's quests and environment in a desperate effort to pull as much information from the game as possible.

    Although I've yet to start documenting level 100+ quests in Ragnarok Online, the information I've managed to glean from content for Episode 1-14.1 has been rather disappointing in quantity. In the beginning, GRAVITY had originally planned to add a new full epis…

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  • ZeroTigress

    The licensed RO tote bag available on RedBubble.

    Ordered an RO tote bag on November 1 and got it today on the 6th. A 5-day turnaround between production and shipping, so RedBubble is pretty consistent on that.

    Pretty distinct packaging, similarly to the phone case I got from them a while back. Also came with a RedBubble sticker; think this is something they do for every package.

    The logo is printed right into the bag and the quality's pretty good. Looks smaller than the 13x13 in. size as advertised, but that may be because I haven't taken it out of the plastic yet. So far Gravity Interactive has made a good decision to open a RedBubble shop as I've yet to be disappointed by their products.

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  • MilkyThief

    This is a step-by-step original recipe based on Savage Bacon. Done for Dawnte and Myzery's Creative Event: Fall Feast. I had the day off today so I took advantage of it. Really simple to make, but tastes amazing. I may draw an image for it... Not sure yet. I can't draw to save my life....

    Item effect: All Stats + 2 for 5 minutes.

    Prep time:
    Difficulty: 1

    • Bacon
    • Baking chocolate
    • Wax paper

    1. First you start off with the hardest step... Getting the raw bacon.
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  • ZeroTigress

    10th Anniversary

    November 6, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    About 10 years ago on November 2, I began my foray into the world of MMORPGs starting with Ragnarok Online. How time flies. :U

    I already shared my RO origins and my introduction to the iRO forums so no point in repeating those here. I guess I could list what I've managed to accomplish during my time with the Ragnarök franchise.

    Ragnarök Resume

    • Came up with the RO Achievements list after having played World of Warcraft.
    • Was recruited into several War of Emperium guilds only to be kicked out.
    • Joined my first ever PVM guild Order of Chaos.
    • Bought the Ragnarok DS game. (Still haven't finished it.)
    • Collected all 10 volumes of Ragnarok.
    • Tried my hand at guildleading starting with a role-playing guild (Ragnarok Unit), which failed. (Gave it another try w…
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  • MilkyThief

    Once the quest goes live, check back!

    Note: Must be at least Level 50+ to start.

    We start in Western Prontera, we talk to the signpost.

    The sign is looking for a 5th member to join a ghost hunting crew.

    Now we head to Juno Library, and inside we need to talk to Vanker, Spanglish, Sadmore or Stunts.

    Tell them you saw the ad and came to help. Then learn about your gear from Spanglish.

    After that, head over to Lighthalzen Hotel and speak to the manager, then head upstairs and talk to the employee at the top of the stairs.

    Next up we are looking for the ghost in the room at the end of the hall.

    Enter and talk to the ghost. you try and catch it, but you fail and the ghost runs out to the hallway.

    Back in the hallway, click on the flower pot to kick the …

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  • Talvis

    Thoughts on Episode 14.3

    October 19, 2015 by Talvis

    Well, it's been a few months now since iRO implemented the 14.3 update, the final battle against the great fire demon Surt,  I mean Satan Morocc. Spoiler warning to those who like being surpirsed by the story lines.

    First and formost, the testing phase was done stupidly.  The way the Sakray test server was set up, you couldn't properly test the update.  Literally the only thing on the test server was the new content, but even that wasn't fully there.  Some quests weren't avaliable for testing, including the quest needed to gain access to the Flame Basin area.  Needless to say, when the patch went live it was bugged.

    Now for the content itself.  The patch brings 2 open maps and 4 Memorial Dungeons.  The open maps, Flame Basin and Fire Cave (I…

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  • MilkyThief

    2015 Halloween Quest

    October 8, 2015 by MilkyThief

    Start in Geffen!

    Here we meet old man Antoni. After his baseless accusations, we confront him.

    He has us go meet Pious Paladin next!

    Head to Payon Cave Floor 1.

    Here we meet the Pious Paladin who makes us prove ourselves by killing 10 Zombies and 10 Skeletons.

    After passing his test, he needs us to travel around Rune Midgard and find Dark Fonts.

    Note: You can visit these in any order. You must talk to the font to get the quest, and to finish the kill count.

    Geffen dungeon Floor 2.

    Here we must kill 20 Ghouls.

    Glast Heim Abbey 

    Here we must kill 20 Evil Druids.

    Orc Dungeon Floor 2

    Here we must kill 20 Orc Skeletons.

    Sunken Ship floor 1

    Here we must kill 20 Pirate Skeletons.

    After sealing the 4 dark matter holes, we are teleported into a maze that we must fi…

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  • ZeroTigress

    We Told You So?

    September 29, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    So in October of 2014, Gravity Interactive in their unsurpassing wisdom thought it would be a fabulous idea to open a second server soon after merging seaRO2 data into iRO2.

    Fast-forward one year and now they are merging said server into iRO2's original server.

    Who did not see this coming?

    ... Yeah, thought so.

    If there's anything you can rely on GRAVITY and its subsidiaries to do, it's repeating history by making the same mistakes over and over again. And then they wonder why the players are so bitter and toxic about them and their games. A game's community is only as good as the game itself; if the game is broken, unbalanced, and too exploitable, you can bet the game's community will degrade into oblivion along with it. If they want to fix t…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Made it to the 6th day of my lemon elixir challenge, but I think I'm going to have to call it quits. x_x My parents stressing me out the entire time plus having that time of the month for me as a girl just combined to kick my butt. My internal temperature shot up and I'm pale as heck right now. Although I want very much to get to the 7th day of this challenge, it's quite obvious my body won't last as long as I want it to.

    So for anyone trying out the hardcore version of this detox, don't jump into solid foods right away. It'll mess you up since your body has gone without food for a while, so your organs need something easy to work with before processing heavy stuff. Start off with light soups and then ease your way back into solid foods. (H…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Third day in to my 7-day lemon detox and I'm feeling a bit better. I had a minor headache yesterday, but it went away by this morning. Went to work and clocked out without a hitch. My parents are still trying to get me to quit the detox because I have low blood pressure, but I don't want to quit when I'm about halfway through my goal. My mom's been talking about me to her doctor, who said I should quit after 4 days because of my low blood pressure. But I want to see this thing through because I know for a fact that if I quit before the 7 days are up, I won't hear the end of it. (At the same time, if I do pass out during this detox, I won't hear the end of that either.) So there's not really much I can do but take this detox as far as I can…

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2015 September 16.

    Argh. Dinghy off the portside.

    We start in Alberta, with the E.A.C Representative.

    He asks us if we want to make some coin with him. Upon agreeing he needs us to find 4 pirate captains to be mercenaries for him.


    Don't be greedy :P


    Jones agrees without any hassle to help - as long as there is coin to be made!

    Le Beou

    Le Beou says he wants nothing to do with us, and then sicks his first mates on us!

    (Oh god. This part is a nightmare)

    Threepwood won't join us without a fight... AN INSULT FIGHT!

    So the way this mini game works is really bizarre. He will throw an insult at you, and you rebuttal it. You can rebuttal with any insult you hear directed at you. Keep insulting…

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  • MilkyThief

    Fishing Quest Guide! (iRO)

    September 23, 2015 by MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2014 September 17.

    I'm baaaaaackkkk!

    Original Quest Date: 9/17/14

    Re-Enabled: 8/12/15

    What you plan to catch:

    Start off in Northern Alberta.

    Talk to Welsley and ask for a fishing rod. He will tell you to bring him some items for him to make you one. You can choose between a regular fishing rod and a small fishing rod.

    To make the regular fishing rod you need:

    • 1 Iron
    • 1 Cobweb
    • 1 Barren Trunk

    After giving him all the required materials, he will give you a fishing rod.

    Rod in hand, DON'T EQUIP IT; you can start fishing in various places around Rune-Midgard. When you equip the small rod, the -3 second cast time is for New World Fishing. Not this quest.

    To fish, you must find a body of water with a ripple spot on …

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  • MilkyThief

    14.3 And You (iRO)

    September 23, 2015 by MilkyThief

    Originally posted in the WarpPortal Forums on 2015 August 13.

    God, why am I making this... For the good of the people I guess....

    Are you 160+? Want more cool gear and instances? Well, have I got some good things to tell you!

    On 8/12/15 iRO Chaos and Thor recieved the 14.3 update!

    New gear and instances a plenty!

    Note: For a detailed list of changes, view this Divine Pride Entry.


    New Gear & Cards:

    ro blog

    ro blog

    Compounds to Shoes.

    In partially rebuilt Morroc (136, 239)

    Here we find a pile or rags... or is it? Upon closer inspection, we learn that under the rags is a person! This man is weak, and needs to eat.

    He asks us to bring him a Monster's Feed. (Purchasable at the Prontera Butcher and other pl…

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2015 May 20.

    Holy crap, it's been a while huh? Yes, yes I know this guide technically already exists but... Mine are more fun :P

    Prontera Chivalry

    Talk to Coastal Guard, located in the top left corner of Prontera. Ask him about the monsters becoming more hostile.

    After that, he will send you to his guildmate, in Alberta, or Izlude depending on your level. He will ask you to kill 20 Enraged Lara and 10 Enraged Kaphas around the town.

    The Izlude Costal Guard NPC is currently taking a dip... (Thank god it isn't a skinny dip....)

    Note: Other enraged monsters also spawn in Izlude. Intentional or not, they are aggressive. Noobs beware.

    Once the monsters are defeated, Guard Lieutenant tells us to go to the S…

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2015 June 03.

    Feels like I just wrote the 11th anniversary guide yesterday....

    You have choices, this quest is about gathering coins coupons to trade in for gear.

    On Prontera Field 08, there is the Stanley Summoner NPC. Every hour, he can summon an MVP in the field. When the MVP is defeated, coupons scatter all over the field. The MVPs are beefed up as in over 100mil HP.

    MVPS Spawned:

    • Baphomet
    • Dark Lord
    • Stormy Knight
    • Golden Thief Bug

    When it died, it dropped: Mastela Fruit Box, Poison Bottle Box, High Weapon Box, White Potion 100 Box, and Coupons.

    GTB Ghost also has a chance of dropping Angels Blessing.

    There are also Crystal monsters roaming the map world too that can be killed for coupons and other goodies. …

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2015 January 14.

    I like the weather here. Baa-Baa-

    Thanks Krit as usual.

    Bottom right of Payon.

    We meet Shepherd Bori and his flock of sheep lambs.

    Bori Explains that his lambs are going missing and that he needs our help in getting them back.

    Oda stop photo bombing jeeze...

    Bori asks us to capture his lambs and bring them back ALIVE.

    To do so he gives us 10 Hunting Ropes.

    We gotta capture at least 5 Lambs and bring them back to Bori.

    We then have to go out into the big world and find these missing lambs.

    Catching the lambs is pretty simple. You do it as if you were taming any normal monster.

    Upon catching a lamb, you receive:

    Upon killing or stealing from a Lost Lamb, you get a Lamb Horn.

    After catching at l…

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  • MilkyThief

    Xmas Quest Mini Guide (iRO)

    September 23, 2015 by MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2014 December 10.

    Blah not a fan of this style quest not at all..... Did not plan to make this guide but gotta keep up appearances...

    This melt...? Pshawwwwww

    Warp from Santa in Middle of Prontera or Al De Barran 2 O'Clock direction.

    Start in the middle of Lutie.

    Here we find 4 NPCs all wanting Snow Flowers for various rewards.

    Also during certain times a crystal will appear in Lutie. Break it for more snow flowers. There will be a server wide announcement in Lutie when it comes!

    Note: Wear Unfrozen armor. It uses Storm Gust a lot and will freeze you. Casts upon death too.

    Mr. Hunter here wants us to hunt those pesky Xmas themed monsters, 3 of each.

    Santa Lunatic:

    Near Prontera and Geffen.

    Found on Prontera…

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2014 November 19.

    Baaawwwwkkkkk!!! Hello there!


    • 50 Jellopy
    • 5 Meat
    • 5 Egg
    • 5 Fish Tail
    • 5 Fresh Fish
    • 5 Tentacle
    • 5 Grape
    • 5 Potato
    • 5 Strawberry

    Start off by paying a visit to Turpeco in Morroc just south of the inn.

    Turpeco tells us he is entering a beauty contest!

    He repeats himself a lot, so make sure you let him know that you have heard it before!

    He wants to make himself shine! He asks us to bring him 50 jellopy.

    After giving him the 50 jellopy he smears them all over himself to look shiny!

    After some creepy dialogue Turpeco needs our help again!

    We need to help thin out the competition!

    Go kill 30 peco pecos.

    Return to Turpeco, and he will ask you to go see Judge Oda.

    Enter the Inn and ask Oda about the …

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2014 October 08.

    List of Needed Items:

    • 20 Skel-Bones (25 additional for repeating quest)
    • 5 Decayed Nails
    • 1 Holy Water (5 additional for repeating quest)
    • 25 Medicine Bowls (Only for repeating quest, not needed first time)


    Head on over behind Prontera Church, and speak to Undead Danielle. /navi prontera 273/343

    Danielle explains that the land of the dead is under attack by the evil Unholy Ghost! In her haste she fled to Prontera and is now looking for help. Ask her who is attacking and offer you help!

    Head on Over to Niflheim and head towards the center of town. There you will meet Zombie ZacK.

    Zombie Zack will ask who sent you. Tell him Danielle did. He will then tell us that there is a m…

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2014 June 11.

    Gonna put a mini guide together here so bear with me as I update it. Huge Thanks to everyone who is contributing.


    Step 1: Find a tier 1 or 2 monster and kill them until you get a book/badge/plans.
    Step 2: Talk to the Guard Captain with at least one item in your inventory.
    Step 3: Take hunting and gathering quests.
    Step 4: Turn it your kills or items for points that can be redeemed for rewards.

    You hunt monsters, and gather items. You can do quests or just gather items. These monsters drop the items for the quest, and also are part of the hunting ones.

    • Note: Tier 2 monsters are significantly stronger then tier 1, and should be avoided by low level classes.
    • Note: You can only take two hunti…

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted on WarpPortal Forums 2015 April 16

    Hi there, you clicked on this blot post because you want to make money right? Awesome. Lets get you started.

    First off you will be using these websites a ton, so bookmark them and learn how to use them!

    Ragial - This is a market checker, just type in the item name and it will show who is selling, how much, and where.

    iRO Wiki - A wiki with a ton of info on all the stuff you will need! A little outdated but still good never the less.

    iRO Wiki Database - A database that contains raw numbers. Wanna know what the drop rate on an item is? Or maybe where to find monster X? This is for you.

    Note: This guide will also refer to specific maps. If you don't know how to use the map system in Ragnarok plea…

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  • MilkyThief

    Originally posted in the WarpPortal Forums 2014 July 2

    Bear with me as a write another guide for our wonderful seasonal quests. Here we go.

    2014 4th of July Quest (Non-Repeatable)



    • 300 Firecrackers
    • 5 Grapes
    • 20 Bread
    • 1-100x Skel-Bones
    • 10 Logs
    • 1 Alcohol
    • 10 Candy

    I guess I'll reveal a few things from the scripting to squash "bug" rumors.

    1. You do not need to click on the checkpoints. Walking by them in the correct order and returning to Kipp should be sufficient.
    2. The checkpoints have a "range" of which they will detect you. I'm not going to say how big it is, but try to walk…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Some time ago, Tkwan suggested that my mother try out the lemon detox, which is supposed to clean out the entire body and give organs a long overdue vacation from all the harshness thrown at it on a daily basis over the years. And knowing my mom, she doesn't have the nerve to do anything by herself so of course I have to do the detox with her even though I don't really need it.

    For anyone curious about the recipe, here it is: Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

    There's 3 ways you can go about doing it:

    • Full Body Cleanse - The hardcore version, which is the shortest version for a max of 7 days.
    • Relaxed Version - The casual version, which takes a bit longer since you're still stuffing your body with stuff that you're trying to clean out.
    • Half and Half - A mi…
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  • ZeroTigress

    There and Back Again

    September 16, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    After putting New World content on hold for many, many months in order to level up my new Ninja, I've finally returned to documenting RO quests. Having only gotten a taste of the Midgard Allied Forces Post area, I didn't really get a chance to explore Splendide and Manuk until now. It's quite fascinating to discover all the nuances of Jotunheim and delve into the characters that dwell there. I was told that I would enjoy meeting Shay most of all and I was not disappointed by my encounter with him. (Kind of wish I could let him borrow my cookbooks, poor guy.)

    Unfortunately, I did some digging into the game's GRF files to find certain images and might have prematurely spoiled some characters' appearances for me. And knowing my memory when it …

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  • Talvis

    Surprisingly, I managed to make it to the new max level of 175.  Sadly, about the only way I was able to do it in such a realatively short period of time (I actually made level 175 a while ago, just got around to posting this) was due to the Biolabs 4 bounty board turn in.  Without that, I probably would be 160 at best. 

    The sad truth is, due to iRO's update schedule being so out of whack, we don't really have any actual proper content for getting to 175 using only content made by the kRO devs.  With renewal mechanics, most monsters in game start yielding crap exp once you start getting over 160ish.  The new Nightmare Clocktower dungeon is about the only true dungeon for leveling to 175.  The grind to 175 is really only made rational by hav…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Quests Versus Tasks

    August 29, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    Decided to watch a couple of videos about quest design again and it made me think about the real reason why old MMORPGs like Ragnarok Online have so much more appeal and retention compared to MMORPGs post-World of Warcraft.

    Most players would say people flock back to old MMORPGs like RO and Ultima Online purely because of nostalgia, but I think it goes deeper than that. MMORPGs stand for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Play Games with its origins in table-top role-playing games (RPGs). For those unfamiliar with that genre of games, the main driving point of table-top RPGs is that players play the role of their own avatars and are immersed into another world where they decide how they interact with the world through established checks and ba…

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  • ZeroTigress


    August 14, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    So I went and applied to be a Customer Service Representative for Gravity Interactive and got picked for an interview. One week later and...

    "Thank you for your applying.
    We found more appropriate person to the position than you.
    Thank you for your time and hope you have a good opportunity soon."

    C'mon, Gravity. 13 years in service and you can't even reject me in proper English? :U

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  • ZeroTigress

    Unfair Square

    August 2, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    There seems to be an ongoing trend with SquareEnix's online stores. In the past, the North America store stocked a good amount of stuff that was about on par with that in the Japan shop. But gradually as the years passed, the NA store had less and less stuff to buy while the Japan shop just kept expanding its inventory.

    It's been a while since I last saw the NA store, but a recent visit had me rather shocked at how stark the selection had become. Check out the North America SE Shop compared to the Japan SE Shop.

    Aside from the obviously different site designs, the amount of merchandise available in each shop is so significant I don't see how no one has complained yet. At least in the past, the NA shop had some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart…

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  • ZeroTigress


    July 27, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    Another year and another Community Manager for iRO2. That now makes 4 CM turnovers for iRO2 since it launched in 2013. First was HelVerdandi, who was replaced by Jello Shaker, who was replaced by Zanbee, who was replaced by Maridah, who is now being replaced by Varitas. Njoror is the only iRO2 CM still around from the game's launch.

    The iRO2 CM position is starting to look like Hogwart's Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher position. HelVerdandi must've jinxed it since she occupied the position for the shortest time (about a month). Jello Shaker was a bit of an oddball since he didn't really seem like he was taking over the position seeing as how Zanbee had more presence (his welcoming thread had since been deleted to clean up their tracks…

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  • ZeroTigress


    July 1, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    Ragnarok Online's Renewal update brought a lot of changes to the game in order to make it comparable to modern MMORPGs. Among the changes implemented were an EXP penalty and a drop rate penalty. The concept behind the penalties is to encourage players to not linger around low level areas once they've leveled up high enough. But the inherent problem with that is that the monsters were not modernized for such a system to be viable. A lot of materials needed for crafting and such at higher levels drop from lower level monsters. In addition, players were being punished for being able to take down stronger monsters whereas in pre-Renewal they received the full EXP from higher level monsters.

    Although the iRO community successfully voiced their c…

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  • ZeroTigress

    The licensed RO phone case available on RedBubble.

    Just got my RO Galaxy case in the mail today. Ordered it on the 22nd so a 5-day turnaround between production and shipping. Not bad.

    Well, it comes in a pretty box.

    Case looks pretty good. I bought the tough version, which is a little more expensive than the skin and snap cases. Product description says "clip-on case with a unique inner silicon absorbing sleeve" and that's pretty much what I got. The logo graphic is printed right into the casing so it won't rub off. It's no Otterbox, but it's better than I expected.

    (The RedBubble sticker that comes with it is well-made. Might be inclined to get some stickers later.)

    Pretty snug fit. Got covers on the buttons with openings for the charging port…

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  • ZeroTigress

    RO Grocery List

    June 25, 2015 by ZeroTigress

    Cooking in Ragnarok Online is a craft that players can only "level" up by making foods and drinks over and over. The more you make of a single food item, the higher the chance of being able to make the food item successfully. As such, I've taken the liberty of making a grocery list of ingredients for budding chefs to refer to in order to help build up a suitable supply for leveling their cookery.

    I'll also cover Mix Cooking Cookbook and February Sweets ingredients for those who go the extra mile to cook those. Some of these ingredients will reappear in multiple cookbooks not because I'm too lazy to check for multiples, but because it'll make this an easier grocery list for people referencing ingredients from one cookbook.

    • Bag of Grain
    • Cooking…

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