Blitz Beat
RO BlitzBeat
Usable by
Job Class Hunter, Sniper
Type Offensive
Category Ranged
Levels 5 (Selectable)
Cast Time 0.3 sec (fixed) + 1.2 sec (var)
Cooldown 1 second
Other Information
Requirements Falconry Mastery Lv. 1

Blitz Beat uses the Falcon to attack an enemy and all surrounding foes within a 3x3 cell area. When casted manually, enemies within a 3x3 cell area around the target will receive the same amount of damage as the targeted enemy. This skill will also go off passively.

  • Requires a Falcon.


  • Blitz Beat is always neutral element.
  • Damage is based on INT, DEX, and Steel Crow.
  • Steel Crow adds 6 points per level, up to 60.
  • Each hit delivers:
    80 + 6*(Steel Crow lvl) + 2*Floor(INT/2) + 2*Floor(DEX/10)
  • Cards increasing ATK will not affect the damage of Blitz Beat.
  • This skill can inflict status effects like Coma from the Archer card set.
  • Blitz Beat will bypass Guard, DEF, and FLEE.
  • Blitz Beat will bypass Race, Element and Size damage effects like Thara Frog, Tatacho and Ogretooth Card in PvP and WoE.
  • Blitz Beat will bypass Range damage effects like Horn Card in PvP and WoE.
  • Blitz Beat will bypass Element resistance effects like Raydric Card in PvP and WoE.

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