Blade Stop
RO BladeStop
Usable by
Job Class Monk, Champion
Type Active
Category Debuff
Levels 5
Cast Time 0.5-1.3 second
Cooldown 0.5 second
Other Information
Requirements Dodge Lv. 5

Blade Stop is the Monk's version of the Knight skill Auto Counter. Once Blade Stop is cast, it allows the caster to "catch" an enemy if they use a normal attack against the caster during the skill's Catch Time. If Blade Stop is successfully casted, then both the Monk and enemy are thrown into the "Blade Stop" status. During the Blade Stop status, only the caster may attack, by use of skills, and what skills they can use are determined by the level of Blade Stop they have learned (exception if the opponent is also a Monk, see Notes). Blade Stop only works on physical attacks and requires 1 Spirit Sphere per cast, regardless if an enemy is caught or not.

On iRO, this skill is known as Root for some reason.


  • Blade Stop cannot catch players or monsters using skills.
  • Since this skill is of the Monk discipline, if the user Blade Stops an enemy Monk, then the enemy can also use skills while in Blade Stop; which skills are available is determined by each player's level of Blade Stop.
  • During the Blade Stop status, players/monsters will retain all of their original characteristics, except the inability to move or attack. They can be damaged, attacked, use items or even change gears.
  • Blade Stopped players/monsters are also susceptible to effects like knockback (and it will not affect the Blade Stop status).
  • Throw Spirit Sphere is weakened when used from Blade Stop, as Blade Stop itself consumes one spirit sphere.
  • Blade Stop only works from melee range. It can be used against ranged attackers, but the Monk using Blade Stop must be within melee range.

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