Blacksmith Guild
RO BlacksmithGuild
The Blacksmith Guild HQ in a fog of pollution.
Type Organization
Affiliation Schwarzwald
Base of Operations Einbroch
Notable Members none
First Appearance Episode 3 (Ragnarok Online)

Workers of steel, members of the Blacksmith Guild pour the fervor and passion of their souls into their craft. Their skills of melting metal into new weapons and tools is truly a form of art. Combined with the marketing skills they learned as Merchants, Blacksmiths help to forge the weapon and armor market of both Rune-Midgarts and its Schwarzwald Republic ally.

They later form a partnership with the Gunslinger Guild and provides that guild with the technology they need to perform their duties.

Blacksmith Workshop

RO GeffenBlacksmithWorkshop
The former location of the Blacksmith Guild has been repurposed as a workshop for Blacksmiths interested in forging elemental weapons and gear.


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