RO2 Beriel
Beriel as a guardian in RO2.
Gender Male
Job Class Artisan
Race Norman (former)
Guardian (current)
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon a knife
Family unknown
Friends unknown
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online II)

Beriel was a famous Norman Artisan who was well-known throughout the continent. He was killed during the Day of Despair and revived as a Guardian in the Neu Age.

This character is commonly mistranslated as Veriel.


Beriel was originally planned to provide Artisan players with certain abilities. He was planned to significantly increase the summoner's flee rate and allows the use of exclusive skills such as "Shining Gimlet" that afflicts quick continuous damage to faraway enemies.[1]


Beriel was the best Artisan in the entire continent. He had an undoubtedly smooth road to his future. However Jibril, an Artisan who could not surpass Beriel no matter how hard he tried, plans a terrible scheme to destroy both of Beriel's hands. Hands are the most important part of the body to an Artisan.

To bring his plan to life, Jibril fakes an accident which results in the loss of Beriel's hands. No longer able to be an Artisan without his hands, Beriel spent the rest of his days in despair, drunk and corrupted.

One day, Beriel discovers that Jibril had planned the accident that cost his hands. Unable to control his anger, Beriel murders Jibril with his favorite knife in his mouth. On that day, the Day of Despair descended upon his city. [2]


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