Baldr as remembered by Fenris.
Gender Male
Job Class unknown
Race God
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon Guarding Wind (sword)
Family Frigg (mother)
Odin (father)
Thor (half-brother)
Vidar (half-brother)
Vali (half-brother)
Friends Fenrir
First Appearance Volume 2 (Ragnarok)

Baldr (Korean: 발두르) is the God of Light and son of Frigg. He was reincarnated into Chaos during the latter years of the Age of Gods.

Not much is known about Baldr other than what is gleaned from Fenris Fenrir's memories of her past life. He was apparently killed in battle at the Thousand-Year War and his soul was separated from his body. All that is left of Baldr after his death is his temple Breidablik, where his sword Guarding Wind laid untouched for about a thousand years.

In the English release of the manhwa, his name was spelled as Balder. On iRO, this character is known as Baldur.

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