Ashkaron Empire
Level not applicable
Placeholder location
Type Kingdom
Race Norman
Government Monarchy
Rulers Lord Siegfried
Faiths unknown
Location North of Rune-Midgarts

The Ashkaron Empire is a kingdom that is located north of Rune-Midgarts. On the outskirts of the continent lies a dimensional crack.


It is said that Siegfried, Sigmund's successor, in the past had been banished from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom due to a group of magic scholars' conspiracy. Wandering around the continent, Siegfried came across a Black Dragon, Ashkaron, in an uninhabited territory and defeated it with his holy sword, Balmung. The Ashkaron Empire was built afterward by Siegfried, which was located to the north of Mt. Mjolnir. However, a dimensional crack had appeared on the outskirts of the Ashkaron Empire, slowly leading it to destruction. At first, the dimensional crack was tiny, the size of one's palm, but as time went by it grew in size, larger than the Ashkaron Castle itself and demons started pouring out. The Ashkaron Empire fought a fierce battle against the demons, but powerful angel-like demons started appearing from the dimensional crack, quicking turning the tide of the battle to the demons' favor. In the end, the demons won the battle and they conquered the Ashkaron Empire. This was the start of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom's plight. [1]


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