Archer Association
RO ArcherAssociation
The age-old building of the Archer Assocation.
Type Organization
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Base of Operations Archer Village
Notable Members Marlbron
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online)

The Archer Association was formed by a previous lord of Payon during a time when the village was under attack by undead coming from the Payon Cave. The Archer Village was built right outside the cave as a first line of defense against the undead monsters.

In recent times, the association hires out archers as mercenaries.

Bowman Mercenaries

Mercenaries provided by the Archer Association are experts in bowmanship. They are the only group of mercenaries that can attack enemies from afar.

The highest rank that a mercenary can achieve is Centurion, which commands an army of 100 as its name suggests.[1]

Name Scroll Level
Mina Level 1
Dororu Level 2
Nami Level 3
Elfin Level 4
Clara Level 5
Dali Level 6
Karaya Level 7
Hiyori Level 8
Kero Level 9
Sukye Level 10
RO BowmanMercenary


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