Ancient Hero
RO AncientHero
Ancient Hero's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Champion
Race Norman
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family unknown
Friends unknown
First Appearance Episode 12 (Ragnarok Online)

The now nameless Ancient Hero is a Champion that was among those who sacrificed their lives to seal Baphomet beneath the St. Capitolina Abbey many years ago. His soul has been restless since he passed as he knows that Baphomet may break free of his prison. It's hinted that he's familiar with Friar Patrick.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The grave of the of the Ancient Hero was visited by adventurers who sought to rid the world of Baphomet. In order to materialize himself to the adventurers, he required his Pendant of Spirit and asks the adventurer to seek it out for him. When the adventurers give him his pendant, the Ancient Hero materializes in the inner sanctum of the abbey catacombs. There, he explains how the torches located within the Capitolina Abbey catacombs hold the essences of Thor and that they were inherited by the Ancient Hero's predecessors to stop Baphomet. In order to opened the sealed shrine, the Ancient Hero needed to be purified by the essences of fire that possess the power of Thor. However, the essences of fire can only be collected by the one who is the Inheritor of Faith. The Inheritor of Faith has a mark inscribed onto them in order to acquire the ability to collect essences of fire.

It's revealed that during the time that the Ancient Hero was alive, it was impossible to defeat Baphomet on their own. Numerous heroes sacrificed their lives so that Baphomet could be sealed underneath the abbey. Even sealed, Baphomet continued to strengthen his power, which brought new life into the sealed shrine. Some of the monsters he brought into the shrine were known as his Apostles, monster with magical powers. The Apostles work to clone themselves in order to fill the catacombs with their evil energy. Each Apostle possesses a Token of Apostle, which allows anyone holding it to hide their presence from Baphomet. If Baphomet were to detect anyone coming through the sealed that that isn't one of his Apostles, he may release his tremendous power and destroy the abbey.

After the essences of fire were collected, the Ancient Hero guides his descendants to Baphomet's shrine and aids them in defeating Baphomet. When the deed was done, he congratulates them for finishing what he and his companions started and his soul is finally laid to rest.[1]