Aldebaran Turbo Track
Level none
RO AldebaranTurboTrack
The Turbo Track building.
Race Norman
Affiliation Aldebaran
Location Aldebaran's Luina realm
Technical Name(s) alde_gld

The Aldebaran Turbo Track is a racing course in which adventurers compete against each other to reach the finish line. Up to 16 adventurers may participate in one race.[1]

During the course of the race, monsters will spawn as obstacles to racers. They won`t give experience point rewards when defeated, but they will drop useful items such as Orange Potions, Speed Potions and Slow Potions.[2]

Race Courses

RO TurboTrack1 RO TurboTrack2 RO TurboTrack3
RO TurboTrack4 RO TurboTrack5 RO TurboTrack6
RO TurboTrack7 RO TurboTrack8 RO TurboTrack9

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Skills


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