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Airship Captain
Airship captain
Airship Captain is not impressed.
Gender Male
Job Class Airship Captain
Race Moose
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon flintlock pistol
Family unknown
Friends unknown
First Appearance Volume 8 (Ragnarok)
Do that again and I'll throw all of you over the side myself!


The Airship Captain is a nameless talking moose who commands an Airship crew consisting of other talking moose.


After recovering from the battle for the Heart of Ymir, Chaos, Iris, Fenris, and Loki all take an airship headed for Juno. After some roughhousing between Chaos and Iris, the Airship Captain steps in to bring order back to the ship. He then proceeds to give Iris a tour of the airship while leaving Chaos to fend for himself.

Eventually, the airship is accosted by Arkana and her Wyverns as it utilizes a fragment of the Heart of Ymir to power it. The airship crew rushes to repair any damage taken by the ship while Chaos and the others try to fight off the witch and her monsters. The Airship Captain tries to fight back with his flintlock pistol, but accidentally hits the ship's engines. Things get worse with the appearance of the Asgard Rangers, who are more useless than useful. Seeing that the airship is not salvageable, the Airship Captain crams as many passengers and crewmembers to the lifeboats as he could and commands the crew to launch all of them at once. Chaos yells at him that he can't just abandon ship with him and the others still on it. The Airship Captain tells the Rune Knight that he is right and says that he leaves the airship in the Rune Knight's capable hands and takes off with a lifeboat, leaving Chaos left behind in a rage of fury.


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