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RO AchievementSystem

The achievement window in kRO.

An Achievement System is a system where players are rewarded achievement points for doing MMORPG activities like exploring a new area, crafting, or participating in events. First championed in World of Warcraft, modern MMORPGs have started adopting similar Achievement Systems in their games to give players more things to do outside of questing and PVP. Ragnarok Online did not implement an Achievement System until 2015.


RO AchievementSystem2
RO's Achievement System combines elements of a typical Achievement System with that of Ragnarok Online II's Khara System. Players are rewarded achievement points in addition to temporary buffs and free items for doing certain activities in RO. Buffs are redeemed from the achievement window while items are sent to a player's mailbox.

Some achievements require the payment of achievement points.

Earning Titles

RO AchievementSystem3

Equipping a title.

When a player earns a title, the title will be available on a separate title window. From there, a player can choose to equip a title onto their character.

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  • Patch (2016 Jan. 27)
    • Added a challenge for baby jobs in the Achievements System called [I really love it!], which consists of reaching Achievement Lv.99.
  • Patch (2015 Jul. 29)
    • A full renovation of the challenger Achievements System user interface is implemented.
  • Patch (2015 Feb. 25)
    • Achievements System implemented
    • Episode 16.1 Achievements added to the list.

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